Viral TikToks connect women who are dating the same man: 'West Elm Caleb'

Viral TikToks connect women who are dating the same man: 'West Elm Caleb'

TikTok users describe their experience with a man nicknamed "West Elm Caleb"

New York City TikTok is being flooded with videos of young women sharing their experience dating a man nicknamed "West Elm Caleb" after several of the videos went viral.

Two young women realized they were dating "West Elm Caleb" simultaneously, while other women realized they had similar odd interactions with him. Collectively, users have decided the red flags associated with dating a type of person like "West Elm Caleb" should be noted and avoided.

It began last Tuesday when TikTok user Mimi Shou posted a video about being ghosted by a man named Caleb. In the comments, she noticed people asked if she was referring to "West Elm Caleb", a man who was gaining a reputation for ghosting women in New York City.

It wasn't. It was only a coincidence that Shou was ghosted by a man named Caleb. But she decided to dig deeper and connect the pieces about "West Elm Caleb" to see if he was dating multiple women.

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Turns out he was.

Monday night Shou posted a video about "West Elm Caleb" and advised viewers to watch for signs of people who are not looking for genuine relationships.

TikToker, Kate Glavan, who posted a video about a date she went on with a man who sounded a lot like West Elm Caleb, started getting tagged in Shou's video.

"I never would’ve known the guy I was seeing was [West Elm Caleb] without TikTok," Glavan said.

She received DM's from multiple girls, one TikTok user, @kelsbabybaby, informed Glavan she had been dating "West Elm Caleb" for several weeks. The two deduced Caleb was with Kellie on Saturday morning and Glavan Saturday afternoon.

Glavan’s video went viral sparking even more videos about "West Elm Caleb".

"It’s been extremely odd to have the internet/world involved in a personal matter to me, as [West Elm Caleb] is now not only a person but a broader metaphor about a type of guy," Glavan said.

The TikTok algorithm is extremely powerful.

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