West Virginia governor tells Bette Midler to kiss his dog's hiney

West Virginia governor tells Bette Midler to kiss his dog's hiney

West Virginia governor Jim Justice gave a passionate State of State speech on Thursday and decided to end it with a memorable moment.

Holding his English Bulldog, Babydog, on the podium Justice addressed his state, "Absolutely too many people doubted us, they never believed in West Virginia... They told every bad joke in the world about us."

Suddenly he picked up his pup and turned her around, mooning the audience and cameras. And so from that standpoint, Babydog tells Bette Midler and all those out there - kiss her hiney."

The crowd erupted in applause and laughter.

West Virginia governor, Jim Justice, moons his dog calling out Bette Middler Office of Jim Justice

Justice's specific naming of Bette Midler is in reference to a tweet Midler sent out last month calling West Virginians "poor, illiterate and strung out". Midler later apologized for the offensive tweet but Justice still got the last laugh during his speech.

While Justice's speech may have inspired West Virginians to take pride in their state, the true star of the show was his English Bulldog.

Babydog has become a symbol of unity in West Virginia. She is the face of Justice's vaccine promotion, "Do it For Babydog" where residents who get vaccinated can enter to win prizes. She also participated in West Virginia University's coin toss at the start of the season.

The dog even has its own Twitter account.

As Justice said, West Virginians have a lot to be proud of and Babydog is #1.

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