This guy said London commuters were silent on the Tube and everyone made the same joke

Anyone familiar with London knows Tube etiquette.

Here are a few of the basic rules of decency:

  • You don't stand on the platform in front of the doors as they open
  • You let people off the train before getting on
  • You move down the carriage so others can get on behind you
  • You stand up so less able bodied people can sit
  • You never stand on the left hand side of an escalator
  • When getting off an escalator you walk quickly so others behind you don't trip over your heels.
  • You don't make conversation
  • You stare at your phone or book solidly
  • You tut loudly if anyone disobeys the above commandments

Yesterday, a terrorist attack took place in Westminster, in which a police officer and three members of the public were killed by an armed attacker.

Obviously people began to tweet messages of shock, sympathy and solidarity as the news came through.

However, one member of the public tweeted an image of people looking silently at their phones on the London underground.

The tweet reads:

Strange to be on the tube this afternoon. Total silence with everyone staring into their phones with sadness and fear.

People quickly pointed out that there was nothing unusual about this scene on the underground, whatsoever.

The original tweet has since been deleted.

For the record, people also aren't being petty if they don't "like" your safety check in on Facebook when you live in Staines.

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