What would happen to the UK's economy if you took London away?


Capitals usually draw criticism because of the cost of housing, living, and also their perceived hedonism.

For people who call the UK's capital 'THAT London', the idea it might be taken away sounds quite appealing.

But the GDP per capita of the UK would shrink by 11.2 per cent without London.

Statista has compiled information on this scenario, and what would happen to other European economies if the input from their capital cities were removed from the equation.


Greece would suffer the most without Athens, by 19.9 per cent.

Interestingly the German economy would actually see an increase in GDP per capita by 0.2 per cent, if pesky Berlin was removed.

According to Eurostat's Urban Audit, the Rhine-Ruhr metro region, and the Munich metro region of Germany, both outrank Berlin in terms of their Gross Metropolitan Product.

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