Here's what your sleeping position really reveals about you

There are some things you should never, ever do straight after a passionate liaison
There are some things you should never, ever do straight after a passionate liaison
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Ever wanted to know who you are as a person? Check out your sleep position online!

Well, maybe don't.

Because as far as indy100 can tell, there is little or no scientific evidence to support any theorising about the relationship between sleep position and personality. There doesn't even seem to be a nod towards pseudoscience so beloved of internet listicles.

There's also some hilariously conflicting descriptions, depending on where you go to look.

Luckily for you, we've compiled all the official-looking info out there to create the ultimate guide: 'What Your Sleep Position Reveals About You - Probably Nothing'.

Curled up on your side in the foetal position?

(Like 41% of people, according to this study...)

You are an avoider! You curl away from the problems in the world, but simultaenously seek to be understood and sympathised with.

However, if you put your hand on your chin, you tend to be a bit of an extreme person, emotionally speaking.

But wait! You're also tough on the outside, soft on the inside.

We don't know what you are.

Lie like a log?

Lying on your side, arms by your side, sounds a bit boring...but don't worry, you're not!

In fact, you're a social butterfly. Friendly, popular, but sometimes a little gullible.

You presumably also have one dead arm.

Starfish all over the entire bed?

You're a great friend! You don't mind not being the centre of attention.

No, you're a selfish bed hogger who's literally smack bang in the centre of attention.

On your back with your arms by your side?

You're a strong, silent soldier type.

You're lying back and thinking of England.

Or, you're a positive person who loves life and is the centre of attention. Who knows?

On your stomach?

You're playful and open! You're actually anxious and you crave control.

You're a leader! Impulsive but also an organised planner, with perseverance and a sense of responsibility.

However, you don't have enough of a thick skin to deal well with criticism. Too bad.

Hug the pillow?

You value close, personal bonds in your life! You cherish your relationships.

You're insecure and demanding.

You're not needy. Not at all.

Stick your knees out while lying on your side?

You're a calm, reliable person, with a good positive attitude!

You also have very bendy legs.

Stretch your arms out?

You're stubborn and suspicious. Nope, you're open-minded and inviting.

You're yearning! You're reaching! You're reaching for meaning!

Sleep in different positions every night?

Does your pose vary depending on totally normal variables such as bed size, temperature, tiredness, season and general mood?

You're screwed!

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