Wheel of Fortune contestant makes one of the worst guesses in the show’s history

A contestant on Wheel of Fortune shocked viewers this week by giving a totally nonsensical answer.

Contestant Matt was in the lead on Thursday’s night show, with $9,900 already in the bank.

But after asking for a letter that filled out a lot of the next phrase he was after, Matt was ready to make his guess: “The best buttercup.”

Not only is this not a common phrase, it had none of the letters he’d had added to the board.

In video of the incident, host Pat Sajack keeps it together while deftly turning him down, simply saying, “Uh, no.”

One view noted that Sajack’s ability to hold it together amidst the answer was impressive.

The correct answer was “The next generation.”

It’s certainly not the first time a Wheel of Fortune contestant has made a wild guess, but viewers were still stunned by the specificity, and total lack of correct letters.

On Twitter, one user said the answer “sounds like something a person might say when the anesthesia wears off.”

It ultimately worked out for Matt, absurdist answers aside he won the game, taking home a large prize at the end of the night.

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