White grandad refuses to release slavery records kept in locked trunk

White grandad refuses to release slavery records kept in locked trunk
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A TikToker has told of how his grandfather will not let him access an old trunk full of slavery records because he believes people will “storm [their] compound” and seek reparations.

But the content creator said he intends to donate the records.

TikToker @leogorcey uploaded a clip showing a huge antique chest along with the on-screen text: “Deep south Georgia this trunk contains slave records I asked my grandfather for the key he refuses believes that hordes of blacks will storm the compound and burn it to the ground or seek reparations i will release when he passes [sic]”.

Since posting the video, it has received 594,000 views, 80,000 likes, and 2,500 comments.



Commenting, one viewer said: “Crazy how 1 person can hold back so many people from knowing there family’s outta pure fear that he’ll face his karma .., it’s so hard not to h8 them [sic]”.

Another said: “Make sure he doesn’t destroy them”.

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In the comments, the TikToker said that around 1989, a woman visited and asked for records. He wrote: “He said none existed I am guilty also because I said nothing and kept quiet. I have her face embedded in my mind. The pain ...she just wanted answers.”

In another comment, he revealed that the records have been passed down for generations, and his grandfather plans to do the same.

He said his grandfather has no idea that he is going to donate the records, though.

In a separate video, he showed the same view of the trunk along with a message to a Ms. Jane Smith.

He wrote: “My apologies Ms. Jane Smith for not telling you my grandfather was lying about not having slave records. As he entertained you and served you tea in the parlor the records were in the trunk. I am just as guilty because I kept silent as I have been told always to do if African Americans came asking questions.”

Commenting, one viewer wrote: “You holding back all this info and documents makes you no better than your grandfather you’re keeping people from being able to come to peace.”

“Families deserve this information,” another said.

In other videos, he’s shown off his grandfather’s record collection. On one of the videos, he remarks: “Racist people like my grandfather also love Black music”.

He has also shown pictures of his great great grandmother during the Antebellum Period, who he says was a slave owner.

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