What is the big deal with Stanley Cups?

What is the big deal with Stanley Cups?
Stanley Cups - What’s The Hype?
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Stanley Quenchers continue to be a sought-after accessory, thanks to viral TikToks and influencers across the globe.

While it may feel like the tumbler came out of nowhere, there's a long-standing rich history that has led to its insane popularity in recent times.

The likes of Adele, Olivia Rodrigo and Jessica Alba have been spotted sporting the famed Quencher, and there's also a clip making the rounds that demonstrates how Stanley has style and substance.

Last year, a woman candidly shared the aftermath of a terrifying car fire.

The clip that racked up almost 90 million views showed her burnt-out vehicle, Astonishingly, the Stanley was the only item still intact – and it still had ice in it.

The brand responded with a wholesome clip and "something they've never done before," by replacing her car.


#stitch with @Danielle Stanley has your back ❤️

Fast-forward, and now loyal fans completely sold out Stanley's new Valentine's collection.

On New Year's Eve, the brand dropped a limited collection at Target, including a two-pack of tumblers, stacking pints, and quencher H2.0 tumblers.

One store notice shared to TikTok showed a two-per-person limit. By 8.05am, the collection was said to be completely sold out, leaving many unhappy.


Love love lovee #valentinesday #stanelycup #stanelytumbler #targetstore

So, besides the social media influence, what makes Stanley so special?

The Stanley brand has a rich 100+ year history. Founder William Stanley Junior worked most of his life in electricity and electrical engineering and created the first practical alternating current transformer, which allowed to move electricity across large distances.

He accidentally created the Stanley cup while working on the transformer.

It went on to prove popular with blue-collar workers as most bottles in the 1920s were made from glass.


In the 30s and 40s, Stanley moved to stainless steel linings to make the products safer for food and beverage consumption.

Now, the brand boasts a catalogue of logos, colours and limited collections – along with a brand new demographic of fans online.

The brand is now stocked at many famed retailers, including Harrods, Urban Outfitters, John Lewis, Amazon and of course, the official Stanley website.

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