Woman traumatised after date slapped his 'wiener on a plate' for dinner

Woman traumatised after date slapped his 'wiener on a plate' for dinner
Woman claims Tinder date took her to his home so he could ...

Most people will experience at least one dating disaster in their time. But one TikTok user's experience took it to a whole new level when she revealed her date served his penis on a plate for dinner.

Hope Schwing (@hope_schwing) took to the platform with her bizarre, and not to mention gross, "worst date ever."

She told her 28 million viewers, "this guy invited me over for dinner … at his place." Schwing said she was excited because she hadn't eaten all day and asked him what he was cooking.

“He said ‘sausages,'” Schwing recalled. “And I’m like, ‘OK; that sounds pretty good.'”

The TikToker then shared a mortifying plot twist between laughing and crying: “He whipped out his wiener and slapped it on a plate."

Tens of thousands of stunned TikTok users could not comprehend why he thought that would be a good idea.

"As SOON as you said sausages I knew it was all downhill from there," one commented, while another concerned TikToker asked: "JAW DROPPED GIRL ARE YOU OKAY?"

A third asked: "How would you react in that situation- like- do you burst out laughing. Or call the cops."

Another user pondered: "This gotta be illegal?"

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Worst first date ever

Unfortunate dating mishaps led one man to proceed with extreme caution and questionable measures: Setting up an application process.

TikToker @rumourhasitvintage shared a screenshot of her Tinder match, who messaged her a link to his Google Doc form. "Guy on tinder sent me a literal application," she explained.

The form asked about her height, occupation and bizarrely, "what is the blockchain?"

She made her feelings about the application very clear and told him: "It is you who should be filling out an application to speak with me, sir."

One person said: "I’ve seen these be cute/funny before, and this was absolutely not that," to which they replied: "I have never seen this before and never want to see it again."

It's not looking too promising right now...

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