Woman accidentally destroys apartment 14 hours after moving in
Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

A woman posted to TikTok how she moved into a brand new apartment - only to see it destroyed when some funky wall lighting caught fire.

Syd Sacks, who goes by @sydsacks on the app, recently moved into a new apartment but just fourteen hours after doing so, she returned from grabbing lunch with friends only to realize that her light-up neon decor that read “Let’s Stay Home” had “burned down” her home.

Sacks was renting an apartment around Dallas-Forth Worth according to the Daily Mail. After moving in, she decorated her new home with lots of artwork, leopard-printed throw pillows, flowers, coffee table books, and the neon pink light-up decor in question.

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

Her bedroom also had a cozy vibe with a plush rug, butterfly paintings, a white comforter, and her adorable dog Piper.

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

But the appealing setup didn’t last.

Not only did it burn her wall, but it also burned her sofa, which set off sprinklers that destroyed almost everything that she had in her apartment.

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

“Moved into my new apartment, and my neon sign burnt it down 14 hours later,’ she captioned text inside the video as she showed the before and after of the damage.

“I fully moved in on Saturday, and then Sunday, the next day, I got a text from a few friends asking if I wanted to meet them for lunch really quickly. My parents live in the same building, so I brought my dog to them before I left,” she said in another video explaining the situation.

She also notes that she “left the light on without thinking about it” but didn’t leave it on all night, as some commenters assumed.

But within minutes after leaving, the light caught fire and scorched her wall, leaving a hole. The smoke darkened the walls and ceilings and also spread to her new Jonathan Louis couch, which has a retail price of $1,499.99

Photo courtesy of @sydsack/TikTok

Fortunately, the fire didn’t get that far because the sprinkler system turned on. However, the sprinklers sprayed water over her closet, laundry room, television, and other things, which created stained water on pretty much everything in the apartment.

“The sprinklers were actually able to put out the whole fire, but there was a lot of damage again from the water and the smoke,” she said.

The fire started just minutes after she went out with her saying the following: “I texted my friends to say, ‘I’m leaving now’ at 12:04. And in the official fire report, it says that the sprinklers in my apartment starting going off at 12:13. So that was a nine-minute difference,” she said.

Photo courtesy of @sydsacks/TikTok

She also noted that she did her research and purchased the neon sign from a reputable Etsy seller with over 10,000 reviews.

“I thought I could trust this seller and the sign that I was getting,” she said in part.

Additionally, she said that the fire marshal believed that it was an issue with the outlet and not the sign, “but for some reason, the sign got really hot, and it caught on fire and then it fell off the wall, falling onto my couch and set the couch on fire, creating an even bigger fire.”

Luckily, Sacks had renter’s insurance to cover the damages, and no one was hurt in the process.

She also confirmed in a comment that she is living with her parents until the apartment is fixed.

Watch the full video here.

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