Woman arrested after breaking into pensioner’s swimming pool and taking a naked dip

Woman arrested after breaking into pensioner’s swimming pool and taking a naked dip

A 42-year-old woman from Florida was arrested on Monday after taking a dip in a back garden swimming pool. While it may seem like an innocent afternoon, there were two slightly concerning details – it wasn’t her swimming pool, and she was completely naked.

After returning home from a doctors appointment, the elderly Port Charlotte homeowner spotted clothes scattered in the lanai by the pool that didn’t belong to him. To his surprise, his eyes were greeted by a naked stranger skinny-dipping in his swimming pool.

The Florida homeowner couldn’t believe his eyes NBC 2

The man described the incident as “pretty strange” and said that even officers were in utter shock. He told NBC 2, “There were four police cars here, and you’d think something terrible happened, but... [it was] a free swimmer.”

Onlookers would never have guessed the incident with four police cars present at the scene NBC 2

The ‘hostile’ woman was later identified as Heather Kennedy after refusing to identify herself to officers.

The police department’s report read:

“The victim states that he arrived home from a doctor’s appointment when he saw some clothing in the lanai by the pool. The victim knew the clothing was not his and looked around to find a naked white female in the pool...”

“I was able to locate the female clothes near the pool, and I asked her to get dressed. Once I provided Marsy’s Law paperwork to the victim and had him sign the trespass document as well, I had the female step out of the pool as she was dressed at this point”

“When attempting to handcuff the woman, she resisted and kept pulling away when grabbing both of her arms.”

The officer then said how the woman didn’t have an explanation as to why she was there. After being asked to leave, she told officers she was not going anywhere.

The woman was charged with trespass and resisting an officer without violence.

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