Tweet telling women to call off wedding if groom goes to strip club sparks debate

Tweet telling women to call off wedding if groom goes to strip club sparks debate
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A magazine tweeted that brides-to-be should call off the wedding if the groom goes to a strip club for their bachelor party - and sparked a Twitter debate.

It's long been a tradition for some bachelor parties to take place at a strip club. However, it seems as though the perception of acceptability is now changing, and more women are taking issue with this.

On Twitter, Evie Magazine wrote, "If your fiancé goes to a strip club for his bachelor party you should call off the wedding."

It explained the position in further follow-up tweets.

"'Oh, you like your ‘last night of freedom’ so much? Don’t worry. You’re now ‘free’ of me forever," they wrote.

Evie continued, "Has nothing to do with insecurity and everything to do with character and integrity. If your idea of a good time is getting lap dances from strangers and throwing money at naked women the night before your wedding, you’re not husband material and definitely not father material."

“'I’m a real man! It’s my right to pay women to strip naked for me and give me lap dances with a side of b*ner. 🤡 If you don’t trust me as your fiancé you’re controlling!' 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩" the magazine concluded.

In the comments, people had mixed feelings about the situation.

"This implies that husbands are disallowed from having a good time, whatever that may be, once they’re married. This statement is toxic femininity. Strip clubs for bachelor parties, if the fellow chooses, is about one final night of debauchery before lifelong commitment. It’s fine," one person wrote.

Another wrote, "Sounds like he is better off."

"That people actually seem to think it’s ok to go to a strip club and look at naked/semi naked women and maybe even getting a dance when you are gonna marry another woman is disturbing. Immoral and disrespectful," said another.

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