Woman sparks debate after banning sister from bringing boyfriend of 8 years to her wedding

Woman sparks debate after banning sister from bringing boyfriend of 8 years to her wedding
Triplet sisters hold wedding on same day in China
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A woman has sparked major debate online after banning her sister from bringing her boyfriend of eight years to her wedding.

Wedding days can be a minefield for navigating family politics and relationships, but one woman took things to another level after causing outrage among her nearest and dearest.

In a since-deleted post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) sub, the invited sister in question asked other Redditors to comment on whether she was in the wrong for threatening to not attend her sister’s wedding or be her maid of honour if her boyfriend was not allowed to go.

She explained that the sister who is getting married once dated the man she is now dating for just two months and that their relationship was never serious.

She wrote: “I didn’t even know they dated until I introduced Danny to my family and they were looking at each other weirdly the whole night and after he told me he and my sister dated two months a few years back and it was nothing serious

“I talked to my sister about it and she said she doesn’t care as long as I’m happy and it was just a shock. My sister has invited +1’s to sit at the table with the people in the wedding and I was specifically told that Danny was not to be there in my invitation.”


The sister claimed she asked the bride-to-be why he wasn’t invited, to which her sister responded she didn’t want her “ex” at her wedding. But, the sister explained she would have no one at the table to talk to.

She then gave her an ultimatum with three options, the first being that she invited her boyfriend. The second option was that she find a new maid of honour and move her sister to the table with their parents. Thirdly, she would not attend the wedding at all.

The woman explained her sister’s response to the ultimatum, writing: “She said I was being unreasonable and that it’s so close to the wedding she can’t rearrange everything. I just said it wasn’t my problem and that Danny is my family also and how would she like it if I were getting married and told her she couldn’t bring her fiancé.”

In the comments, other Reddit users sided with the sister and the “ex”.

One person wrote: “I don’t understand. If you’ve been with him for 8 YEARS how is this an issue now all of sudden? Bride needs to get over herself. NTA (no the a**hole) and your choices are fair and reasonable.”

Another agreed, writing: “She should have let you know that he was not going to be invited when she asked you to be her MOH. After 8.5 years now he is a problem.”

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