Woman wakes up to discover she’s $50bn in debt

Woman wakes up to discover she’s $50bn in debt
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A woman woke up to find herself $50bn in debt - and shoe’s not alone.

The issue seemingly started over the weekend as videos and screenshots of the supposed glitch began to surface on the world wide web.

A TikToker who goes by @thatcroclady on the platform posted a video claiming to have contacted chase about the issue.

“Coping with humor—I owe $50bn…$50bn,” she began. “And the chase customer service said, ‘Sorry about your concern, we will get back to you Monday or Tuesday.’”

Tik Toker realizes there’s a $50bn debt in her bank accountPhoto courtesy of @thatcroclady/TikTok

On Monday, @thatcrocladdy posted a follow-up responding to someone’s hilarious comment: “Don’t worry, bestie, Jeffrey Bezos just borrowed your card for something.”

She then responds as follows: “I haven’t called Chase Since I called them Saturday night. So this must have been the computer starting to fix itself,” @thatcroclady said.

She also noted that she has random monthly service fees for varying amounts of $18 and $25, but it’s much easier to manage than multi-billion dollars.

Also, her account balance was changed to $0. It’s still not the best, but at least she’s out of debt.

Another TikToker, who goes by @gabefloress, noted a similar situation, showing her friend’s bank account is over $49 billion in debt.

“We went out to the bar, and Maddie checked her phone when we got home, and she’s -$50 billion dollars in debt,” the video caption read.

Then you see the friend holding up the phone with the significant debt on the screen saying, “What do I do!?”

The accounts of the glitch aren’t exclusive to TikTok. People also took to Twitter to talk about the multi-billion dollar debacle.

Danielle Fasano tweeted to Chase with the following: “Hey @Chase, why is my account negative $50 billion? #CHASE #banking #help.”

Chase Support responded, telling her to DM her full name and zip code to rectify the situation.

Another person tweeted that they are also $50bn in debt and Chase believes it’s possible to do so.

Chase Support also responded to the person saying, in part, “This usually appears when a hold is placed on the account.”

Speaking on this recent glitch in the system, Chase’s Chief Communications Officer Amy Bonitatibus told Indy100 the following: “We had a technical glitch over the weekend impacting a limited number of accounts. The issue has been resolved and those accounts are now showing accurate balances.”

Similar issues aren’t uncommon. In a report from CNN last June, Chase did admit to a technical issue that caused thousands of bank holders to see balances that had missing funds.

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