A woman has gone viral for telling the most hilarious fib we’ve heard in a long time.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain reporters, a woman in Bolton claimed she was too scared to leave the house due to the prevalence of the Indian variant of coronavirus, despite quite clearly being... outside the house.

It comes amid concerns about the variant, as it is spreads in areas of the country such as Bolton, with a “realistic possibility” that it could be up to 50 per cent more transmissible than the Kent strain, according to the Scientific Advisory Group for emergencies (Sage).

The number of identified cases has more than doubled, from 520 last week to 1,313, according to Public Health England, and ministers have warned that this could cause a delay to the final lifting of lockdown restrictions in England on June 21 – though evidence suggests that vaccines are still effective against it.

This is, of course, something that should be taken very seriously and if someone doesn’t want to leave the house? Their prerogative. Is this woman in her house? Absolutely not.

And eagle-eyed viewers noticed this as well and found it highly amusing:

In case you do not have the observation skills needed to confirm that this woman is not in her house allow us to reveal clues:

1. The sky

2. The shops

3. The street

4. A bird flies past

5. She and her friend look chilly

We would love to have the confidence of a woman convinced she can dupe people that she isn’t in her house but, alas, journalism is about truth not lies so we just can’t engage.

But we are grateful to her for bringing some much needed levity to a scary time.

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