Woman will 'never leave the house again' after botched $300 haircut

Woman will 'never leave the house again' after botched $300 haircut
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A TikToker has shared how she paid $300 (£220) for a haircut that has left her feeling as though she can “never leave the house again”.

Sharing a clip along with the viral “this is what I wanted… and this is what I got” audio, TikToker Eve (@gl0babie) shared a picture of what she was aiming for - a two-toned look with a wispy top layer.

Instead of getting what she wanted, she was instead left with a choppy short layer on top that sticks up.

She posted the clip along with the caption: “This man charged me $300 for this… I can literally never leave the house again.”


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The clip has since garnered 575,000 views, 101,000 likes, and 1,000 comments.

“Bestie went back to myspace,” one viewer quipped.

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Responding to a comment that said people should seek proof of local hairdressers’ work before booking a cut, Eve responded to say she got this exact haircut by the same stylist six months ago and it turned out great.

“I have no idea what went wrong this time,” she said. “I only came in for a root touch up and he ended up doing this. I really didn’t see this coming lmao.”

In another comment, she said: “He didn’t cut it this is all chemical burn.”

She said she went back to the stylist the following day to ask for a refund, and said she is going to instead try going for a wolf cut or long mullet.

Another viewer wrote: “I’m in cosmetology school and I can literally look at that and figure out what to do how did he not know how to do that.”

Eve responded: “What’s worse is that he teaches hair at a cosmetology school.”

Uh oh.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a questionable haircut.

Last year, we wrote about a woman who was brought to tears after getting a cut that made her look “like a Karen”.

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