A woman bought a dying fish and how it looks now is astonishing


After a woman spotted a dying little fish in a shop, she decided to buy it and take it home with her.

Victoria Schild had been shopping at Walmart when she noticed the little red-blue Siamese Fighting fish (also called a Betta fish) at the back of a shelf, the dodoreports.

Known for their brilliant colour and long, flowing fins, the fish in the tank was nothing like its brothers and sisters in the wild: his body was rotting, with bits of his fin lying at the bottom of a tepid cup of water.

Schild bought the fish, named him Argo and decided to try and save him.

I was 95 percent sure he was going to die that night.

However, after a week of medicine and clean water the Argo’s condition improved.

After four weeks he was unrecognisable.

A rich blue-red colour, his long fins grew out and his health is much better.

Schild said:

I was really surprised. I knew that, underneath it all, there was a beautiful little fish. But what won me over was his will to live and his spunk.

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