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Not every man on a dating app will be your Prince Charming, but we at least expect them to have basic manners.

One woman who hadn’t been on a date in a while found out the hard way what it’s like to deal with a less than polite Lothario.

A TikToker called Alice shared how a date sent her two vile messages after unfollowing him on social media.

The video starts with the on-screen text: “I went on a date for the first time in ages the other night. Here’s how it went…”


@Bumble sort it out pls x #datingfail #unfollowed

The swimwear designer then showed how the scorned match sent her three messages on Instagram, one of which called her a “boring c***”.

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He wrote: “You unfollowed?

“Alright well you’re getting the same you boring c***.

“And so is ur s***y swimwear brand.”

He then took to WhatsApp, where he wrote: “Deleting you here as well. After bringing me into town listening to your boring chat about your f***ing dog when I could just stay at home.”

The comment section was flooded with supportive messages as viewers expressed their shock.

One viewer wrote: “You could look at this as a failed date! Personally if they show their red flags well before you invested any real time, then you’re the winner!”

Alice responded: “Absolutely! Like thank God actually! Also thank God my gut instinct works too.”

Another wrote: “Kind of him to wave his red flags so early I say.”

“Omg he’s pressed,” another wrote. Alice responded: “Absolute man child lol”.

It looks like she got a lucky escape.

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