Roseville woman faces judge for alleged assault of Muslim woman aboard plane ...

A viral video shows passengers on a Jet2 airplane cheering as an elderly woman is removed by German authorities for allegedly becoming violent with an airplane steward.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the woman, who is in her 70's, slapped the Jet2 steward after he took away her gin and tonic. This was after she apparently became angry when her request for free champagne was denied.

One video of the encounter, obtained byDeadlineTV, shows the woman repeatedly trying to hit the steward as he tries to speak to her.

At first the woman flails her arms in the direction of the steward, then she stands up and begins directly hitting him before falling back into her seat.

Passengers watched in disbelief.

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The flight from Manchester, UK to Rhodes, Greece was forced to divert to Munich, Germany where the elderly woman was met by nine German police officers.

Video obtained by Daily Mail shows the authorities forcible carrying the woman off the plane by her hands and feet.

Shocking video shows "OAP" hitting Jet2 employee on flight after he allegedly took her G&T

The woman put up a fight as authorities tried to forcible remove her, making her body go limp and refusing to pick up her feet.

In one portion of the video, the woman seemingly says "help me".

But her efforts were fruitless.

As the woman is taken off the plane, passengers cheer, laugh, and scream "bye" to the woman in joyous tones. It ended with a resounding applause.

“We can confirm that flight LS819 from Manchester to Rhodes was diverted to Munich Airport yesterday so that a disruptive passenger could be offloaded,” a spokesperson for Jet2 told New York Post..

“We would like to apologize to customers for this unforeseen delay and any inconvenience caused.”

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