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While family dramas are not particularly uncommon, one woman's situation has put most quarrels to shame – after catching her sister and husband naked in the kitchen together.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit for some much-needed advice and consolation. "I can't move," she penned in a state of shock, "If I move it becomes real and I have to accept what I saw and think of what's next."

She told the popular Reddit thread, r/TrueOffMyChest, that she returned from work early one day and noticed her sister's car parked outside the house.

The Redditor didn't think too much into it and assumed "she was dropping off some food from her job".

However, to her horror, she saw her husband and sister naked in the kitchen, that she paid for.

Naturally, the woman was left distraught and got back into her car, "I kept driving, just driving, driving, driving until I found the hotel I’m at now," she wrote. "I don’t want to believe it. I don’t know what to do."

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To make matters much worse, the Redditor gushed about the bond between her and her sister, calling her "my only family, my best friend, the one who's supposed to be there for me and support me."

She continued: "My husband, my person, my other half, the one who's supposed to love and respect me."

The kitchen incident prompted her to block both of them after explaining she didn't want to hear any of their "bulls*** excuses".

"I don’t want to confront this," she concluded. "I want to go back to this morning when everything was fine."

Fellow Redditors were on hand with support and advice on how to move forward.

One penned: "I can't imagine the pain and anger you must be feeling rn. I hope you have a way to get out this marriage safely - run away and don't look back."

Another wished her well, adding: "Sending you strength. You paid for that kitchen make sure you keep it. If you need to, sell the house later but make sure you go back and kick them out. They don't deserve anything else from you."

Meanwhile, a third advised: "As someone married to an attorney, I highly suggest you do not block them. You are going to want their texts/VMs/frequency of calls for your attorney."

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