'Chirpy cockatiel entertains owner with a cute song while she cooks dinner ...

There's an unwritten rule when heading over to a friend's house for dinner: always take a bottle of something – and/or ask if they need help. Well, one woman's bizarre experience caused quite the stir online when she revealed she was billed for the homecooked meal.

In a viral tweet, Amber quizzed whether the scenario was "weird" – and speaking on behalf of the tens of thousands of responses, the answer is yes.

She shared how the host cooked up penne alla vodka, a vodka-based pasta dish turned viral TikTok hit, thanks to Gigi Hadid. Amber explained that she "ate a couple [of] servings and they Venmo requested [her] $20."

She paid the 'bill' and hasn't spoken to them since."This makes me not want to accept offerings in the future," she said. Many people speculated the awkward encounter happened in California after many shared similar experiences. And, they were correct.

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Masses of social media users believed the move to be incredibly rude, but surprisingly, many had been through similar experiences in the past.

One man shared how he was served different food to everyone else at the dinner table. The host told him he had "to earn [his] food in her house" before asking him to leave so everyone could eat dessert.

Another unsuspecting victim was told to pay forward $75 after attending a dinner party serving lobster. "It did not go over well," he added.

A third shared that their friend's sister, a jazz singer, got married and was planning on singing at the wedding reception. So, what did she do? The bride-to-be sold tickets to her wedding – even to immediate family.

While the dinner setting was unusual, some people shunned the tweet, saying it didn't justify "public shaming."

"It is unusual, but I don't feel it needs public shaming. And I also don't think it's this much of a crime. Hosting people can be expensive," they said. I've never personally asked anyone to share the cost but feel fortunate that I don't need to."

Next time you head out to a friend's for dinner, just make sure you take cash for a tip.

Indy100 reached out to Amber for comment.

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