7 Types of Groceries That Just Broke Price Records

One woman on TikTok recently suggested that it may be cheaper to eat Taco Bell every day instead of groceries.

With items that cost as low as a dollar, it's not difficult to see why many Americans prefer to purchase this food, even though it's generally regarded as being extremely unhealthy.

TikTok user Eden (@ed.edd.n.eden), shared a video of herself eating her burrito from Taco Bell burrito in her car with the text overlay reading, “Why do I even try to cook? This Taco Bell burrito was $1.11 and tastes so much better than anything I could cook. If I ate one for every meal during the week, I only spend $23.31 which is a lot lower than my current grocery bill."

She added, “Might be a good investment.”


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“Buy them all at once and freeze them to avoid price fluctuations, live más,” one user commented.

"You could also get the taco pass for $10 and get one free taco a day per month 😁," another suggested.

“I say this to people that tell me it’s cheaper to cook yourself. I can’t make burgers and burritos for $2 are you kidding,” one user commented.

Even the official Taco Bell TikTok account commented “Pouring sauce on a burrito is kinda like cooking."

But other people had differing opinions.

“Gotta factor in the medical bills,” one wrote.

Someone else said, “This was my dad’s logic so he fed me Taco Bell for breakfast and lunch every day and I have Crohn’s now bestie so maybe don’t.”

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