Woman asks neighbours to check their front door cameras to catch her ‘cheating’ boyfriend

A woman asked her neighbours to investigate whether her boyfriend is cheating on her and her methods are pretty sleuth like.

Posting on Twitter, one of her neighbours explained that the woman took to their group chat to get them to look at their front door cameras, because she thought her boyfriend had another woman in his car.

The group is usually used to update each other about crime in the local area so the neighbour found this pretty hilarious.

The tweet went viral with over 28,100 likes and 860 retweets. Reacting to it, people thought it was amazing.

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One said: “Oh I love this! Teamwork at its finest.”

Another said: “This is what local groups are for.”

And a third explained a time her neighbourhood group chat had been similarly missued.

“I used to have a group chat with my neighbours meant for getting together against a planning permission submission in one of our green areas,” she said.

“One day a mum messaged a man in the group a paragraph because he had said f**k you to her 10 y/o for stroking his cat.” Gosh.

Whether the neighbours found any evidence to support the woman’s claims remains unknown. Still, we can think of worse detective methods.

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