Woman claims she was sickened by poisoned napkin
FOX 26 - Houston

A woman has claimed she was poisoned after removing a napkin that was mysteriously stuck on her car door and has taken to social media to warn others to be careful when out and about.

Erin Mims, a local hair salon owner, was celebrating her birthday with her husband at the Prospect Park diner in Willowbrook, Houston on Tuesday afternoon and upon leaving to travel to a nearby spa she noticed a napkin jammed into the passenger door and proceeded to remove it.

"I didn't think nothing of it, I just threw it out," Mim said in a Facebook video where she recalled her experience.

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In the video she reenacted where she found the napkin and how she removed it with her nails, adding: "I opened the door with my fingertips.

"I asked my husband, did you put a napkin in the door? And he said no."

After removing the napkin, Mims - a self described "germaphobe" - went back into the restaurant to wash her hands.

She then noted how two minutes later she began to feel "tingling in her fingertips," which soon began to escalate.

"Maybe after about five minutes, my whole arm just started tingling and feeling numb. I got light headed and I felt like couldn't breathe," she explained.

"I started getting hot flashes, my chest was hurting, my heart was beating really fast."

Then Mim's husband decided to call emergency services who directed the pair to the nearest hospital where she was for six hours getting blood tests, and a CAT scan which found that her vitals "were not stable."

"The doctor said I had accute poisoning from an unknown substance," Mims said and added that there wasn't enough of the substance in her system to determine what it was.

"I'm just recording this to let you all know be careful," as she warned others in the area to keep an eye out.

Mims has since filed a police report in regards to the incident to the Houston Police Department who told local TV station KPRC that they are aware of the incident and are investigating this as a possible assault.

The police department has asked for anyone with information to contact them.

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