Woman accidentally videobombs TikTok proposal to take own pictures and viewers are divided

Breanna Robinson
Saturday 08 May 2021 15:53
(Photo courtest of @pinkbellabean/TikTok)

Agreeing to marry someone is a hugely important moment in any person’s life, which is why this couple decided to capture the moment on camera as they got engaged at a local beauty spot in Texas.

However, another visitor to the park seemed completely unaware of the life-changing exchange happening right in front of her – and ended up crashing the footage because she wanted her own picture at the site.

Javier Maldanado, who goes by @pinkbellabean on TikTok, posted the video, which showed himself proposing to his now-fiancee at the Gerald D.Hines National Waterwall in Houston.

In the video, Maldanado can be seen going down on one knee – while a lady off to the side hovers nearby, appearing to pose for her own photo.

Using a set of captions on the video, Maldanado writes in the clip – now watched millions of times – that the woman should have waited her turn to take a picture of the waterwall, just like he apparently did.

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Titling the TikTok “Watch My Beautiful proposal video & a Random lady”, he writes: “I wait for my turn to do the video but the lady didn’t want to wait.”

In fairness to the woman, she does appear move out of the way (very awkwardly...) when she notices what is going on.

Man proposing to his now-fiancee. Woman photobombs in the background.

(Photo courtesy of @pinkbellabean/TikTok)

But it didn’t stop some people criticising her for inadvertently gatecrashing the special moment.

“Y’all, they said they waited for their turn, meaning im sure there was a line for photos/videos. So why couldn’t she be decent and wait also,” one comment said.

“She has to pay for your wedding now. She wanted to be part of the engagement,” another joked.

But others pointed out that it’s a public place. “Um what do u expect when proposing in public tho [ emoji],” read one comment.

“If you want privacy go somewhere private she wanted to take a pic too not a big deal,” another said.

A few days later, Maldonado reposted an edited version of the proposal video – without the lady videobombing.

You can watch the original video here and make your mind up for yourself.