Internet personality Andrew Tate claims men are weak if they live with ...

What was supposed to be a ‘romantic weekend getaway’ soon turned sour as a woman realized her date was a fan of Andrew Tate.

TikToker nudlemommy posted a video over the weekend explaining she was with a “frat boy” driving to go on a romantic getaway when he turned on Tate’s podcast.

The TikToker asked her date to explain what the podcast was and his explanation has left both the TikToker and viewers worried.

“His name’s Andrew Tate, he’s like this self-made billionaire- uh millionaire from Romania," the date explained.

"Pretty much what he talks about is the standard of relationships and how they should be and like how men and women should be in relationships in society as well too."

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In the video, a portion of Tate's podcast plays where he asks viewers if they'd rather have a male pilot or female pilot fly a plane when flying through a hurricane.

In the caption of the video, the TikToker asked viewers if she should call her mom and ask her to pick her up, even though she was two hours away.


Should I call my mom and tell her to drive 2 hours to come pick me up 😭 #andrewtate

Tate was recently banned on major social media platforms for spreading misogynistic and harmful rhetoric about women.

People who consume Tate’s content, like the TikToker’s date, have been associated with misogynistic behavior. Upon seeing her video, viewers expressed concern for the TikToker and told her to 'run'.

“Girl run,” Julia Fox wrote on the video.

“My dad drove 3 hours to pick me up from a frat boy! Your mom will be there in a heartbeat!” A person wrote.

“Why would you go away for a whole weekend with someone you don't know well?,” another TikToker wrote.

The video received over 5.7 million views and one million likes. The TikToker posted another video days later updating viewers about the situation.

“I’m home and I’m safe,” the TikToker assured people. “He gave me a ride home yesterday. Nothing terrible happened.”

As for the people wondering why she would go on a weekend getaway trip with someone she didn’t know well enough to know about his preference for Tate, she says it was unexpected.

“I swear I did know him I just didn’t know the Andrew Tate thing. It’s the guy you least expect that are into this stuff.”


Replying to @Fay

“Ask them before you hop in that car," the TikToker reminded people.

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