Woman serves family breakfast after cleaning up dog's diarrhoea and not washing hands

Woman serves family breakfast after cleaning up dog's diarrhoea and not washing hands
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A woman has complained about some very unusual food hygiene standards.

Writing on Reddit, she said that she had breakfast with her sister in law's but her dog had diarrhoea and... you can see where this is going.

"While I was in the kitchen making drinks for all of us, my husband arrived with the tacos and the dog had a severe bout of diarrhea in the living room floor. My sister in law grabbed wet wipes and wiped up the diarrhea and her dog’s butt.

"Without washing her hands, she began taking the tacos out of the bag and unrolling the tortillas to 'check' the fillings. My husband was in the room as well, and saw all of this. She touched all of them. I was disgusted. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I told my husband I suddenly wasn’t feeling well (not untrue, the thought of eating those tacos made me nauseous) and would like to lay down."

Instead of being tactful, her husband the made things ten times worse.

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"Here’s where the problem started: my husband followed me to the bedroom, asking what’s wrong because I had been SO excited to try the tacos. You can easily hear what’s being said in the bedrooms from the living area, so I maintained that I just suddenly felt nauseous. He kept insisting that he would save my tacos for me to eat later, and I kept refusing.

"My sister in law heard the conversation and walked down the hall to tell me I was wasting good food, and that she had wrapped my tacos back up for me to eat for dinner. I felt trapped, so I caved and admitted that I was sickened by her touching my food after wiping up diarrhea and her dog’s butt and then putting her fingers on my food. I said that I wouldn’t even touch food, especially food someone else was going to eat, after scooping my cat’s litter without washing my hands.

Now she says the sister in law feels insulted and her husband thinks she should have been upfront immediately. But she "thinks it’s just basic hygiene not to put your fingers in other people’s food at all, much less right after cleaning up diarrhea."

Reacting to the story, people took her side.

"No matter what you do before eating, be it wiping poop, watching tv or scrolling your food, you should wash your hands. Doubly so when you handle food for a group of people," one said.

Another wrote: "Seriously I wanted to throw up just thinking about it. That’s disgusting."

And a third said: "What kind of person does not wash their hands after cleaning up diarrhea poop?"

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