Woman accidentally drugs herself by sniffing a flower

<p>The woman takes a deep huff of the bright yellow flower</p>

The woman takes a deep huff of the bright yellow flower

Photo courtesy of @songsbyralph/TikTok

A TikTok user accidentally poisoned herself and sniffing a beautiful-looking flower - that turned out to be toxic.

Raffaela Weyman (RALPH), a musician who goes by @songsbyralph on the platform, took to her page to discuss her frightening experience after taking in the aroma of a seemingly harmless yellow flower.

“Me and my BFF found this beautiful flower and spent the night deeply inhaling its smell,” the text over screen read as she put the flower to her face.

When speaking to Indy100, Weyman, who is from Toronto, said that she wasn’t familiar with the plant because it doesn’t grow in the city.

“It smelled amazing (apparently the smell is even stronger at night!) and looked beautiful, so we picked it and did a little photoshoot with it for fun,” she said.

When Weyman and her friend finally got to one of their other friend’s birthday celebrations, they both felt “so f****ed up and had to leave.”

And then things got even scarier.

“When I got home and fell asleep, I had the craziest dreams and experienced sleep paralysis for the first time in my life,” the text said. “Turns out the flower is super poisonous, and we accidentally drugged ourselves like idiots,” she continued.

The flower in question is called a Trumpet Angel, which is highly poisonous, including the leaves, flowers, seeds and roots.

Some people in the comments of the video recognized the “angelic” flower right away.

“The second I saw the flower, I was like ‘uh ohhh, oh no,” someone wrote.

“Y’all, if it has a bell-shaped flower like that, leave it,” someone else wrote.

A third pointed out how chilling it is that some homes in Southern California have this plant, saying, “It’s crazy how many homes in SoCal just have this plant chilling in their yards!!”

In a VICE News report, the flower is sourced in a drug called burundanga, also known as ‘Devil’s Breath.’ It’s a hallucinogen and can be a deadly narcotic.

“The deal with burundanga is that it pretty much eliminates your free will, so you’re awake and you’re articulate. To anyone else watching you, it seems like you’re perfectly fine, but you’ve completely lost control of your own actions, so you’re at the whim of suggestions, and that’s how people take advantage of you,” the outlet reported.

All in all, when it comes to encountering flowers or plants that are beautiful, but you don’t know what they are, Weyman said, “I learned my lesson! Love foreign flowers from afar.”

Check out the full video here.

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