Woman admits to deliberately farting in cheese aisle of posh supermarkets

A TikTok user has caught the attention of over a million people – for a rather peculiar pastime.

Amie, who posts comedic skits under the username @plasticamie, wrote: "I like farting in the cheese section of posh supermarkets."

Her brief clip left TikTok viewers in stitches, as one penned "WAITROSE WATCH OUT," to which Amie jokingly revealed: "That's where I mainly do it."

Another humoured: "Well Jennifyr, I really love the way they cut the cheese here, and it smells so fresh!"

Amie later followed up with a second clip after making mainstream news. Sharing screenshots of the headlines, Amie joked: "Finally people are appreciating me for my many talents."

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Inspirational, always 🥰 #inspirational #motivational #moving #relatable cr: @Christine

One user suggested her newfound fame will have "store detectives will be watching you closely now," while another jested: "Next week's news: People start avoid the cheese section – what could be wrong?"

Maybe Amie could share tips with the woman who candidly celebrated her "excessive flatulent arse" on Mumsnet.

Taking to the popular forum, the anonymous woman happily announced she had "just done the best fart ever" and said she was "proud" of it.

She wrote: "My youngest has been spraying air freshener and gagged. I’m so proud (and laughing)."

She added: "My eldest 25 has just come into the kitchen complaining about the air fryer not being cleaned.

"It smells like the drains. What the f**k did I eat the tinned ham could not have produced this".

Fellow Mumsnet users flocked to the post, with one shamelessly sharing: "Nothing better than a good fart, especially a room clearer. My best was when I took part in vegan January last year whilst pregnant. It caused an evacuation of the house! I was even sick from the smell"

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