Mum celebrates her 'excessive flatulent a**e' that leaves her children gagging

'Dad bursts out laughing as his baby daughter can't stop farting '

A woman has celebrated her "excessive flatulent arse" that made her children gag.

Posting on Mumsnet , the anonymous woman happily announced she had "just done the best fart ever" and said she was "proud" of it.

She wrote: "My youngest has been spraying air freshener and gagged. I’m so proud (and laughing)."

She added: "My eldest 25 has just come into the kitchen complaining about the air fryer not being cleaned.

"It smells like the drains. What the f**k did I eat the tinned ham could not have produced this".

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"8yr old knows about my excessive flatulent arse had smelled it earlier and has decamped to front room refusing to come into kitchen he still has air freshener in his hand," she added.

"Just gone to loo checked underwear fine , sprayed everywhere with Marc Jacob as the smell was clinging. It was so hot when I farted I thought I may have singed my minge this is the worse. Thank god I’m single or perhaps this is the reason I’m single?"

"Anyway it seems to be calming down I’m sharing it on Mumsnet as I’m really proud and don’t want to share anywhere else like Facebook as my friends and family will think I’m disgusting and may share it. But here my arse is anonymous and no one I know can judge me!" she said.

Reacting to her tale of trumping, people congratulated her:

"All hail the fart queen of the day," one said.

Another said: "Nothing better than a good fart, especially a room clearer. My best was when I took part in vegan January last year whilst pregnant. It caused an evacuation of the house! I was even sick from the smell.!

But others thought she was being uncouth.

"I don't know I find this kind of thing just very disgusting," one said. "It might make me po-faced but being so proud of something so disgusting enough to sicken your family is just gross."

Another called the woman "gross" and advised her to "grow up".

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