Woman left fuming after her 'fiancé' says that he never asked her to marry him

Woman left fuming after her 'fiancé' says that he never asked her to marry him
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Maranda Vandergriff

Your wedding day is something you never forget, but one woman has claimed her ‘fiancé’ couldn’t even remember asking to marry her.

A woman’s post on Facebook has gone viral after she revealed that her partner had no recollection of proposing at all, just a few months before she believed they were due to be wed.

As, the woman recalled telling the man she believed to be her fiancé that she was going wedding dress shopping in the online post.

He is said to have replied: “Why would I marry someone I’m not even dating?”

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“Nine months ago my (who I thought was) fiancé asked me to marry him,” the woman wrote.

“He didn’t have a ring so I assumed it was a spur of the moment decision, but I am a chill woman … I understood the ring will come later and all that matters is we have each other.”

Was this just one huge misunderstanding?iStock

She added: “I had been planning my dream wedding for 7 months now. When I told him I was going dress shopping he looked at me like I had 5 heads,” she lamented in the post.

It was later shared on Reddit, leaving users confused and divided in their opinions.

Guessing how the situation could have come about, one user wrote: “It’s gotta be that… like she grabbed him a snack while she was up and he said ‘Ugh marry me” or something and she ran with it.”

Others, though, were more sceptical about the ‘fiance’.

“Everyone’s talking about how [bizarre] the woman is, but no one is talking about how the dude might have been gaslighting her the whole time,” one wrote.

Whatever is going on, it sounds like the most awkward situation of all time.

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