Woman gets into fight with her boyfriend after throwing dog poo in neighbour's bin

Woman gets into fight with her boyfriend after throwing dog poo in neighbour's bin
Woman hospitalised for three days after pet dog pooed in her mouth!
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A woman got into an argument with her partner after throwing their dog's poo in a neighbour's bin.

The woman turned to a popular Reddit thread and explained how she had moved in with her boyfriend and his dog Maddie.

Due to his working hours, she took charge of the morning walks which she "really enjoys" as it "helps her be more ready to take on the day."

Her partner then takes Maddie for walks in the evenings and most weekends.

Everything was running smoothly until her partner joined her for a morning walk as he didn't have work that day.

"It happened when I went to throw away the poop," she explained. "As soon as I got to the can, my BF stopped me and told me I can't throw it in someone else's can and we have to carry it the entire walk until we're back home."

The woman went on to say "a trash can was meant for trash," but her partner was adamant that it was wrong because it didn't belong to them.

"We had to walk the rest carrying poop and it was a bit tense," she continued. "I told my boyfriend that I wasn't going to hold on to dog poop when there was a perfectly good garbage can and he said I was being rude by doing that and he was going to walk Maddie himself going forward. He said he doesn't want to risk anyone getting mad at us for using their garbage."

The Reddit poster shared how she felt he was "overreacting".

"Yes it is his dog so ultimately what he says goes, but it still hurts," she said. "It isn't like people would get mad at him as we do the walks separately usually."

She opened up the Reddit thread for users' opinions on whether she was being unreasonable. Many of which sided with her partner.

"Where I live (and in most places akin to where I live), it's illegal to put things in other people's trash receptacles. And to do that with poop is nasty. I'd be pissed as hell if someone put poop in my trash," one said.

Another added: "All it takes is one ripped poop bag and you've created a really smelly problem for someone else to deal with (been there). And even that is ignoring the fact that some people in this world are dangerously territorial about their stuff."

They continued: "Honestly, he has a pretty straightforward and rational argument that is tough to argue against (don't use other people's stuff without permission), and I don't see why this can't be one you just let him have."

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: "Do you really need an explanation of why it's an asshole thing to do to put dog crap in another person's trash can?"

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