Woman claims that she knew her fiancé was cheating just from his ...
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One woman’s unexpected response to being cheated on just before Valentine’s Day has gone viral, after flipping over her boyfriend with a full-body judo throw.

An incredible video of the moment was posted by the account @realkaynon, and as far as breakups go this is one of the wildest we’ve ever seen.

The clip shows a couple on the street arguing loudly and causing enough of a commotion for a bystander to start filming.

Then, in a move no-one could have seen coming, the woman snaps into martial arts mode and picks her partner up over her back.

Her boyfriend (surely ex-boyfriend by now, considering they must have split up after this) is then propelled through the air and lands with a bump on the ground.

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Onlookers were shocked with that they saw, with the man shooting the video on his phone summing up all our reactions by saying: “Oh sh**”.

“She found out he cheated couple days before valentine’s day smh,” the caption on the video reads.

“She dashed my man like it was ufc.”

“Hell”, “fury” and “woman scorned” certainly come to mind after seeing this.


Couch guy ECU edition #couchguy #fyp

Sadly, it’s not the only story regarding men being unfaithful to emerge around Valentine’s Day, either.

TikToker Mary Fatz (@maryfatz) went viral recently after visiting her long-distance boyfriend, only to find him with another woman.

She is seen knocking on her boyfriend's dorm door at his halls of residence in the clip, which has been viewed tens of millions of times, but he didn't answer.

"When you go to visit your long-distance boyfriend and he doesn't answer because he has a girl over," the text overlay written by Fatz read.

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