Woman travels across US to visit boyfriend only to find him with another girl

Woman travels across US to visit boyfriend only to find him with another girl
Woman claims that she knew her fiancé was cheating just from his ...

Long-distance relationships can be difficult to preserve, especially if you haven't seen your loved one in person for a while - which is why those in-person moments are all the more special and memorable.

Although one American woman is going to remember her surprise visit to her long-distance boyfriend at East Carolina University (ECU) for all the wrong reasons after she discovered he was cheating on her with someone else.

TikToker Mary Fatz (@maryfatz) can be seen knocking on her boyfriend's dorm door at his halls of residence but to her surprise he doesn't answer. She would soon realise that his lack of response was because he had another girl in his room.

"When you go to visit your long-distance boyfriend and he doesn't answer because he has a girl over," the text overlay written by Fatz read as she stepped back from the door looking confused as to what was going on before knocking on his door once more.

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"Couch guy ECU edition," Fatz wrote as the caption, referring to the infamous "Couch Guy" TikTok video that went viral last year when a clip of a woman visiting her boyfriend at university was analysed by millions who thought the boyfriend was cheating on her based on his reaction, which appeared not to be the case.

Echoing the "Couch Guy" video, Fatz used the same song in the background of her TikTok which is Ellie Goulding's "Still Falling For You."


Couch guy ECU edition #couchguy #fyp

Since posting her heartbreaking video, the TikToker has received a staggering 28.4m views, 3.4m likes, along with thousands of comments from people sympathising with Fatz.

One person wrote: "How are you so calm? I would be crying."

"Biggest fear this is why I'll never do this," another person said.

Someone else added: "You’re very calm lol my ex did this & I literally kicked the door in."

"Poor poor girl I hope you find someone who treats you better," a fourth person replied.

As people felt sorry for the TikToker, some even shared their similar experiences of getting cheated on.

One person explained: "I had this happen [to me] except his roommate let me into his room not knowing."

"I’ve been done so wrong that I would assume the guys in the back were his look outs and he texted them to see who was at the door," another person said.

Someone else added: "Oh yep! I remember this happening to me."

Meanwhile, others couldn't help but notice the reaction of a group of guys in the background of the clip when the incident occurred.

One person said: "The guys at the end of the hall know," while another added: "The guys in the back trying to be sneaky and see what happens next."

"The guy in the background was INVESTED," someone else commented.

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