Is it cheating if a married woman is having sex while going ...

A woman has considered ending a friendship after she found out her friend "is a regular customer of sex workers".

Posting on Mumsnet, she said she had been friends with the man in question for 15 years but was "shocked" when she found out his news.

She wrote: "It has recently come to light that a friend of 15 years is a regular customer of sex workers.

"We have always wondered why he never wanted to date again after getting a divorce and now it makes sense. I would have never had him down as the type and I'm shocked to say the least.

"I don't know the circumstances behind why the women do that line of work but there's always the risk that they're not doing it out of their own free will isn't there? I feel like he could well be exploiting vulnerable women."

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She asked fellow Mumsnet users: "Would you end a friendship over this? Am I being too judgemental?"

Reacting to the story, some agreed she should end the friendship.

"Consent can't be bought, I couldn't continue a friendship with him, he'd make my skin crawl," one said.

Another wrote: "Would cut contact. Men who use women like this are dreadful."

But others thought she should hear him out. "Not all sex workers are unwilling," one said. "Some, many, enjoy the income and it suits their path in life at that time.

"Don't be so easy to judge until you know all the facts."

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