Woman says nightmare houseguest drank her breastmilk and disciplined her child

Woman says nightmare houseguest drank her breastmilk and disciplined her child
Woman says she was shamed by fellow mums for looking too ‘nice’ ...

A woman has horrified the internet with claims that a friend drank her breastmilk and disciplined her child while staying at her house.

The revelation came about after a Reddit user posed the question, “What does ‘make yourself at home’ NOT mean?” in a subreddit dedicated to women.

While some of the replies featured questionable actions like leaving the bathroom door open while using the toilet and adjusting the thermostat.

But one woman’s response was so unhinged that people couldn’t quite believe what they were reading.

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She replied to the original question: “Drinking my pumped breastmilk. Waking my daughter up from her nap. Disciplining my child.”

Understandably, there were questions in amongst the horrifying comments.

One person responded: “Every one of those made me cringe.”

Another added: “But why. Who does these things.”

The woman responded and provided a bit more information on the situation she was referring to.

She added: “I wish I could give you a good answer lol. It was another Mom friend who was staying with me for the weekend.

“She formula fed but really wanted to try breastmilk. She thought my daughter was napping too long so she woke her up.

“My daughter gave her an attitude so she spanked her. I can go on.”

Someone asked what her response was to seeing the woman hit her daughter.

The woman replied: “I was so mad I attacked her. Now I’m petite. She is not. So we got in a fight and I quickly lost.”


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