Woman shares guy’s relentless efforts to flirt with her while she’s showing zero interest

Woman shares guy’s relentless efforts to flirt with her while she’s showing zero interest

A woman’s TikTok has gone viral after she shared the awkward moment a man persistently tried to flirt with her at work even after she showed him absolutely no interest in return.

TikTok user @mickey.ruiz shared a clip of herself trying to fend off questions from a man while she was behind the counter at work.

In the text over of the clip, she wrote “like i’m just trying to do my job” as a male customer asked her multiple personal questions such as, if she was in high school, her age and where she went to college.

Each of her replies were blunt and some, like where she goes to college, were lies, presumably for safety reasons.

Despite her clear lack of interest in interacting with the man, he continued to ask questions in an attempt to flirt.

When he’d finished with his purchase, she told the customer he was “all set”, to which he responded, “am i though?”

He asked the woman serving him if she had Instagram and told her she was “cute”, continuing to hang around after buying something in an attempt to continue the conversation that was clearly unwanted.

The viral video has been viewed 6.1 million times and been shared on other social media sites, including the subreddit r/Cringetopia where it was captioned, “he’s trying so hard it HURTS.”

One person wrote: “His game is so fucking bad I’m shocked it went for as long as it did ?! Was this dude good looking or something cause where the fuck did he get the confidence to keep that going.”

In a follow-up video, the original TikTok poster hit back at a man who called her “stuck up” for not engaging in conversation.

She said: “I just wanted to let you know that women don’t owe you shit, ok. I was just trying to do my job and this man came in asking personal questions about my life, which I am not required to give.”

Later in the clip, she explained: “Many women have been hurt, murdered because they said no. So I would rather take the precautions of me still responding even though I was clearly uncomfortable rather than just being ‘a bitch’ and somehow risking my life.”

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