Woman squirts water at stranger after being told her gym shorts were 'provocative'

Woman squirts water at stranger after being told her gym shorts were 'provocative'
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A woman has told of how she was accosted by a stranger who claimed her gym gear “provoked men”.

Jasmine Absolom, 24, had been working out in Brisbane on Thursday when another woman approached her and criticised her shorts.

Jasmine attempted to reason with her, but when that failed she pulled her phone out and started recording.

Speaking to, she said the woman called her a “slut” and “disgusting”, and said she could “see [her] clitoris”.

She also allegedly told her that the way she dressed “provoked men”.

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In the end, she felt the situation was getting out of hand so she squirted water at the woman and left.

She said: “When I got around the corner, I burst into tears.

“I called my best friend and sent her the video, and she responded saying ‘I have no words’.

“You see similar videos online, but you never know anyone it happens to.”

Jasmine has since shared her story to TikTok, where a snippet of the confrontation racked up 52,000 views.

In the comments, one viewer wrote: “What the actual heck. Why’s she so bothered by what you are wearing.”

“You look like you're in workout gear... Had she not seen people out like this before?” another asked.

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