Woman hires entire band to play music outside of a prison for her inmate fiancé

<p>Woman hires a band to play music outside of a prison for her fiancé </p>

Woman hires a band to play music outside of a prison for her fiancé

Photo courtesy of @@claaaauds3/TikTok

A viral TikTok video shows a woman on a curb across the street from a prison celebrating her fiancé’s birthday accompanied by a band.

The video uploaded by Claudia, who goes by @claaaauds3 on the platform, shows her looking out from the passenger seat of her car at the events.

As the video progressed, Claudia zooms in on the woman surrounded by the band of horn players and a drummer. The background appears to show a navy blue banner that read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEBE" in white lettering with an assortment of pink and blue balloons.

In another scene, Claudia briefly shows the prison building (which the name isn’t disclosed) and turns back to show the woman appearing to use binoculars to see if she can spot exactly where her fiancé is.

The video has over 3.4 million views.

"If you’re in federal prison and your bebe ain’t willing to do this for you on your birthday, just focus on yourself," Claudia’s text on the screen said.

Check out the full video here.

People in the video comments thought that the scene was endearing.

"That’s cute. She got binoculars and everything," someone wrote.

"She’s holding it down down," another added.

The dating app Tinder also took to the comments about the display of love and wrote: "If it’s not THIS, I don’t want it!!!!!"

Despite others believing that no matter how much the woman loves her fiancé and it isn’t worth it, another commenter came in defence of her and wrote, "Y’all big mad when he’s clearly spoiling her and proposed to her BEHIND bars while y’all’s ‘bfs’ can’t even buy Walmart flowers lmfaooo."

Someone else took to the comments to confirm the woman’s identity as Melanie Rodriguez, who goes by @melaniedodger on the platform.

Her fiancé, heartwarming, proposed to her while he was incarcerated. On her page, she uploaded a video of walking into a home cascaded with rose petals on the floor while her family was there to witness.

As the band plays in the background, she walks over to a display of a small puppy in a basket with what looks like a note on the front.

That’s what we call dedication!

indy100 reached out to Claudia and Melanie Rodriguez for comment.

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