Woman claims she didn't get a job because of her voicemail greeting

Woman claims she didn't get a job because of her voicemail greeting
Man tells jobs interviewer a story that doesn't add up in viral ...

First impressions are important, especially in today’s job market.

Managers often say they know whether or not they’ll hire someone within the first few seconds of meeting them. But what if you’re already ruled out before even getting the chance to meet the boss?

That’s what happened to one woman when her voicemail was apparently enough to put off her prospective new boss.

The manager didn’t just hang up when he felt her voicemail was not “appropriate”. Instead, he told her what he thought.

Leaving her a message, he said: “Yes, Miss Jones, I recommend if you apply for a job and you expect somebody to call you that you have a more appropriate, uh, response on your voicemail. So thank you for applying, and no need to give us a call back.”


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Since uploading the clip six days ago it has received over 14 million views, 930,000 likes, and 14,800 comments.

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One viewer commented: “Why does everything we do need to be ‘professional’ for work? Like that's our only purpose in life?”

“I would never want to work wherever this is,” another wrote.

But not everyone was on the TikToker’s side. One comment with 38,000 likes reads: “I actually agree with this, your voicemail and email is very important when applying for a job.”

Viewers asked her to share the voicemail, and she delivered.


Reply to @kassandra5304

“Wassup, wassup, wassup,” she sang.

She continued: “Wassup ya’ll it’s your girl Zanaya… I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the phone. Please leave your name, number, yeah you know all that.”

One of the top comments with over 100,000 likes reads: “Are you serious. He acting as if ur using a bunch of foul words, it’s literally ur personality, he wants a robot to work for him, his loss [sic]”.

Another said: “This voicemail is childish but it shouldn’t have stopped you from getting a job. He’s miserable. Be glad you didn’t get hired.”

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