Woman shares bizarre video of tourists taking photos with her kids in Hawaii

Ask a Local: Hawaii

A woman shared a video of tourists taking pictures of her kids in Hawaii - and some viewers were disturbed.

The woman posted a video of her children can be seen playing on the beach, while being photographed, and then running back to her.

“When two random a** tourists take pictures with your kids,” the on-screen text read.

In the video’s caption, she also wrote that she was “flabbergasted.”

Commenting on her own video, she noted that she was nearby her kids while on the beach and that the tourists didn’t touch them.

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But one viewer wrote: “Oh hell no!!!!!”

“Yeah, I would have confronted them and made them delete it. Idc what excuse they have. No excuse is acceptable. Disrespect,” another added.

A third wrote: “I’m sorry girl! I’d be so angry!”

On the other hand, others said that this is something tourists do without trying to be malicious.

“My mother-in-law tells this story of when my husband was a baby in HI, Japanese tourists pulled her mother’s arms on the beach to take a picture with,” another added.

Someone else who also addressed cultural differences wrote: “They weren’t hurting her. Maybe it’s weird to some cultures, but I think it’s sweet that you let them take pictures. She’s beautiful, and they probably just wanted to share that with their family and friends!”

The original uploader wrote: “PSA to keyboard warriors: We were close, they were Japanese, they didn’t touch - it was funny and weird. We live in HI. You don’t know anything."

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