Shocking viral video sees woman lie down on rail tracks and talk on phone as train passes over her

Shocking viral video sees woman lie down on rail tracks and talk on phone as train passes over her
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A viral clip has absolutely stunned viewers as it appears to show a woman lying down on train tracks on the phone while a train travels over her.

The 21-second clip was originally posted on 12 April on Twitter, where it has been viewed over 181,000 times and left people shocked.

In the clip, a high speed cargo train can be seen travelling along railway tracks at a station reportedly in Haryana, India.

When the last carriage of the train has passed, a woman wearing a pink top and purple headwrap is seen getting up from a laying down position on the train tracks and appears to be speaking on the phone.

Twitter user Dipanshu Kabra shared the clip with the caption: “Gossiping on the phone is more important.”

The nonchalant way the woman got up from the tracks has absolutely baffled viewers since the woman could easily have been seriously hurt and killed by the moving train.

Some were unsure if the clip was real or fake because of how dangerous the situation was.

One person wrote: “I’m not sure if this is an edited video. But if it’s not, then this is incredibly daft and stupid and ridiculous.”

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Another said: “Fake video or Fearless Lady!!”

Others questioned the woman’s motives and suggested she may have filmed it simply to go viral on social media.

A Twitter user wrote: “Why was she lying down in the train track in the 1st place. Just to make a viral video ?”

While it’s unclear how or why the video was made, one thing everyone can agree on is that, if it’s as genuine as it looks, the woman is lucky to be alive.

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