Woman 'dress-coded' by librarian for showing 'inch' of her stomach

Woman 'dress-coded' by librarian for showing 'inch' of her stomach
I was shamed for my 'inappropriate' gym outfit – they dress coded …
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A woman has opened up about her experience being ‘dressed-coded’ in a library when picking up her daughter.

Women sharing times they have been shamed for their quite normal outfits seems to be a growing theme on social media. One pregnant woman revealed she was kicked out of a gym for wearing a tank top, while another woman was threatened with being thrown off a plane by a flight attendant over her outfit.

In a recent viral TikTok, a woman named Hilary Flips opened up about being shamed by a librarian while at a kids’ storytime event with her children.

Flips explained that she was wearing a cropped cardigan and high-waisted mom jeans in the library with her children.

She added: “I was feeling good about myself and she ruined that. So, I’m chasing my kids around, they’re acting wild and I always get a little stressed out that they don’t sit during story times.”

The TikToker explained that after story time she was approached by the librarian. She assumed she was coming over to talk about her children’s behaviour.


Pardon me while I continue to wear cropped tops with high-waisted pants until I’m a grandmother. Might even throw my bellybutton ring back in for extra flair #dresscode #momsover30 #millennial #millennialsoftiktok #millennialmom #momsoftiktok #momtok #fyp #eldermillennial

Flips said: “[The librarian] goes, ‘You should know better’, in this judgy ‘tsk tsk’ kind of tone.” Immediately, Flips said, she began to apologise on her children’s behalf, but the librarian corrected her, saying, “No, your outfit”.

She said she realised her slightly cropped cardigan had ridden up while she held her one-year-old, showing “maybe like one inch of my mummy belly”.

The clip has been viewed 1.3 million times, with people in shock at the “mom shaming”.

In the comments, one person wrote: “That was so unnecessary. Says more about the person making the comment. Your look’s super cute!”

Another said: “Your outfit is adorable. I’m so over the mom shaming.”

Someone else added: “That is insane. As someone who works at a public library, this infuriates me. So uncalled for and absolutely unnecessary. Your outfit is super cute!!”

“I’m a 40 year old librarian and the way I’d wear this same outfit every damn time I went to that library from now until til the day I died…actually, lemme get a job there and make this my daily uniform,” another added.

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