This woman lost half her body weight while eating six meals a day


Marnie Benney was told by doctors that if she didn’t lose weight she might get diabetes, or have a stroke or heart attack. She was only 48 years old – but she weighed 138 kilos (over 21 stone).

She told Daily Mail Australia:

I absolutely despised myself back then. I really hated me because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin.

Two years later, Benney has lost half her body weight and is preparing to run the famous New York marathon.

She knew in order to lose weight and stay motivated, she needed to make it easy to exercise. She said the gym “had to be close to home” – but she was still terrified when she turned up for her first personal training session.

Benney explained to the paper:

My trainer James saw that I needed help and discreetly came over and tied my shoes.

He did that for two months until I could do it for myself.

She started with free weights, and went onto boxing classes before taking up running and completing a 5k run within the first six months of her weight loss journey.

Now, Benney is in the gym six days a week to train for the marathon.

She also radically overhauled her diet, from constant junk food to five or six small meals a day.

Here's a video of Benney in action:

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