Woman makes ‘udder butter’ out of breast milk for her husband

Woman makes ‘udder butter’ out of breast milk for her husband

A woman on TikTok took fellow TikTokers by surprise after revealing the butter she had made—out of her breast milk.

Laura Hall, who goes by @laurahall53 on the platform, posted a video captioned “My crowning achievement” to show the homemade butter spread.

“I’ve done it — I’ve made butter out of my breast milk. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more proud. There’s my butter — my butter, my udder butter,” Hall confessed while laughing and showing the creamy concoction in a sandwich bag.


My crowning achievement #breastfeeding #breastmilk

Hall showed how she makes her breast milk butter by keeping a jar of newly pumped breast milk out until the fat separates and the cream rises to the top in previous clips.

After skimming off the cream and churning it with an electric whisk, the extreme foodie runs the solidified butter underneath the faucet and strains the contents into a pat.

Hall’s butter received mixed reviews within her household, as expressed in another video showing her and her husband trying it on a piece of toast. Her husband rated the butter a five out of ten while explaining that it didn’t taste bad, but Hall wasn’t too keen on the flavour.

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“To me, it tastes like, you know, when you burp, and it kind of tastes like throw-up,” Hall said.

The “udder butter” also garnered differing reactions from viewers.

“That’s probably some of the healthiest butter on the planet!” someone expressed while a second added, “I’m a mom, and I still gagged. That’s really impressive tho!”

“Yaaaaaas mama!!! Freeze it and save it for when the baby starts solids and put it on potatoes,” one person said, lending some advice.

On the other hand, some people aren’t sure what to think of the natural butter.

“Idk why I feel disturbed, haha, but cool, I guess,” a fourth said.

Others also wondered if she could make “cookies” or “cheese” next.

Hall’s butter isn’t the only thing she’s created with her breast milk.

In another video, she can be seen making breast milk ice cream, which got the green light from her 3-year-old daughter.

Utilising breast milk for things has become popular with mothers. Some of them created stunning jewellry pieces such as necklaces and rings as well as anti-acne masks for their babies.

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