Elderly woman stockpiles cereal because it's all she can afford to eat

Cereal boxes come in all different sizes and patterns, but one woman spotted something curious in a lineup of corn flake boxes during a recent shopping trip.

TikToker Francesca (@francescacharityshop) was browsing the aisles when she came across Asda's own brand of Corn Flakes sitting on the shelf with the box image being a picture of a bowl of cornflakes on a wood surface, with the ride side of the bowl slightly cut off.

In the video, she grabbed another box from behind and positioned it sideways next to the first one in order to demonstrate that the design wraps around the box.

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So the position Francesa placed them means the full image can be displayed which includes the entire bowl as well as the spoon which was previously cut off.

"WHAT?! Did anyone else know that cereal boxes do this?" the TikTok wrote as the on-screen caption while the footage played and added that she was "mind blown" by her discovery in the post caption.

"And there was me thinking Corn Flakes are a boring cereal," she joked in the comments section.


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Since posting her new discovery, Francesca's video has received 174,000 views, 12,000 likes, along with plenty of comments from people who were also just as surprised as the TikToker to learn about this design.

One person wrote: "That’s so cool," while another said they were "flabbergasted" at the boxes matching up.

Someone else added: "I am gobsmacked."

"Oh my days that’s so mesmerising to me," a fourth person replied.

While one commenter also joked that "Every cereal aisle being rearranged," because of the viral TikTok.

Though, there were some who already knew that the boxes matching up were as a result of the design being wrapped around the sides.

One person wrote: "Of course, because it’s a wrap around picture," but also added: "Something satisfying about seeing it arranged like this though."

Something to look out for next time you're browsing the shopping aisles...

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