Woman facepalms after posting photo of 'clouds' that turned out to be snow on sunroof

A Twitter user went viral after she posted a photo mistaking snow for clouds.


Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, and one young woman's tweet went viral after she took a photo mistaking the snow on her sunroof ... for a beautiful cloud-filled sky.

The Twitter user, Atousa, uploaded two photos to Twitter with the caption "on todays episode of me embarrassing myself."

The first photo is a picture of Atousa in her car, smiling while showing off the beautiful "cloud" formations above her. An on-screen caption reads, "the sky!!!"

Quickly after Atousa took the first photo, she realized something was not right about the clouds.

The second photo exhibits her realization - covering her mouth and laughing at herself, the on-screen caption reads, "I'm so stupid, I thought it was clouds its fucking snow on my sun roof."

The blunder attracted a lot of attention on Twitter earning over a million likes and 166,000+ retweets.

"I really thought that was the sky..." one Twitter user said.

"I didn't realize it was snow until the second photo," another said.

Other Twitter users jumped in with similar mistakes they've made. One person wrote they took a photo with "the moon" only to realize it was a streetlamp. Another user posted a photo of someone thinking a volcano erupting was clouds.

Atousa responded to her comments, "these replies are so funny to me".

A silly mistake, but one that reminds us we're all human.

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