Woman sparks debate by looking after children on a plane while her husband relaxes

Woman sparks debate by looking after children on a plane while her husband relaxes
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A woman has sparked debate after revealing that she takes care of the kids on a flight while her husband gets to sit back and relax.

It’s no secret that in heterosexual relationships women are more likely to take on the majority of unpaid labour, including child care, cooking and cleaning.

One wife sparked outrage after revealing she made her husband a second dinner after he refused to eat the first one she prepared for him, and now another husband has come under fire for letting his wife do all the child care.

In a viral Instagram video, influencer Maria Roberts shared a clip showing her sitting in between her two children on a flight, taking care of them and making sure they were settled.

The clip then showed her husband, Lou, who sat across the aisle and appeared to be watching his screen without a care in the world.

Roberts captioned the post: “As Lou likes to say, ‘I would switch with you, but they refuse to sit next to me’.”

The video has been viewed 18.5 million times and in the comments section, Instagrammers debated the unequal workload between the husband and wife.

One person commented: “I cannot believe that in 2023 women still accept this behaviour.”

Someone else added: “I hate that this is still a standard we are promoting. Even young children can learn that Dad is a good option and don’t need to always be with [their] mom. Please for the love of God stop reinforcing that dads are incapable.”

Another commented: “Nope, nope, nope… I did this one time. After that, I bought two seats together, one row behind the other. He got one kid and they had their own bag of snacks and activities and I had the other. I was never doing that again.”

“The headphones in is so triggering lol,” another pointed out.

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