Woman claims that her neighbour is using his doorcam to spy on her family

Woman claims that her neighbour is using his doorcam to spy on her family

Woman asks TikTok for help with her creepy neighbour

livingrichardson / TikTok

A family in the U.S. have reached out to TikTok for advice on their creepy neighbour, who seems to have installed a camera that allows him to see into their garden and even their home.

"We realized that he put a ring camera on the back corner of the fence line, and he has it angled so that he can see into our entire backyard, into all of the windows into our house, where our children sleep, our living room is, and all three of our bathrooms."

In a TikTok post that now has nearly 200 thousand likes, Samantha Richardson (@livingrichardson) explains that they've tried putting up a temporary barrier to block him from seeing into their property without blocking his view of his own fence line, but that he moved the camera so that he has a view into their backyard again.

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Expressing her fears for her family's privacy and safety, Richardson points out that she has "an 11-year-old daughter, who does not look like an 11-year-old, and she changes right in these windows where our little sunroom is that goes into our pool."


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The Richardsons also called their Sheriff, who explained that although it isn't right he couldn't legally do anything to help the family other than politely request that the camera be removed. The neighbour refused to do so, claiming that he needed to watch the basin that is in the backyard.

"There's no reason for him to need to watch our basin, but also the basin that he wants to watch is at the opposite end of the fence line by our houses. So he can't even see the basin if his camera is way back there.

"The only way we can block his view into our house is if we build a bigger fence," continues Samantha, "which we're going to have to get permission from the city to do because it's actually not really allowed."

Revealing that they're probably going to take the case to court, Samantha asks if there's anything else she can do.

The comment section is flooded with over 30 thousand comments giving her advice and support.

"I'd put a big sign in my front yard asking why he feels the need to look at my children in my windows?" reads one comment, "Let the neighbourhood know; call him out."

"We've been dealing with similar behaviour from a neighbour. Call sheriff/police every time and file complaints. You'll have a running list of incidents"

"I have heard that a laser pointer shined into a camera will burn the sensors inside the camera killing the camera."

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