Woman baffled after her neighbour asks her to stop ordering takeaways

Woman baffled after her neighbour asks her to stop ordering takeaways

A woman has been left flabbergasted after being asked by her new neighbour to stop ordering takeaway food.

In a post on the forum website Mumsnet, the woman said she had recently moved into a new house and didn’t yet have a working oven.

Given the circumstances, she explained she had been ordering takeaway food or eating out to sustain her until the kitchen was sorted.

But what happened next came as a surprise, as her male neighbour who had “introduced themselves on the first day” and “seemed very nice and friendly” asked her to stop getting takeaways because it was making his eight-year-old daughter want one.

In the post, the woman explained: “Today I came home, coffee and sandwich in hand, to him calling me over and saying he’s noticed we’ve had a lot of takeaways since we’ve moved and could we not do so.

“Apparently his 8-year-old daughter sees and asks why she can’t have one.”

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The woman explained to her neighbour that they were eating takeaways out of necessity and said they would soon have a functioning oven again.

She continued, explaining: “He seemed ok about it. He wasn’t rude when asking but am I being unreasonable to think he’s very nosey? And that he can’t dictate what we eat?!

“For info, none of the takeaways have been delivered, all collected by us so it’s not like a delivery driver is knocking on his door or anything.”

It’s safe to say the internet was firmly on the woman’s side, as others were left equally baffled by the whole encounter.

One person wrote: “It wouldn’t matter if the takeaways were being delivered. It’s absolutely 100% none of his business.”

Another said: “I’d have laughed in his face.”

Someone else advised: “That’s f**king hilarious. Tell him to jog on.”

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